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“while driving”

Lose the cell phone; focus on the road ahead and open your mind to new sights & sounds, old memories … perspectives and insights unrealized before.  This eclectic collection of mini-tales, observations & ideas owes its genesis to “the story that begat a book.”  How so? 

While Driving Sample Book“I saw a road sign.  Or maybe someone mentioned Mankato.…”  A couple of hours later, “While driving through Minnesota” was on paper, sparked by that simple sign.  People who read the short story, loved it; but it didn’t seem to fit any of my books-in-work.

Then one day it hit me how many things liven-up my mind when in the driver’s seat.  Triggered by music, companions’ conversation, scenery — whatever — your journey becomes a wide-open road to destinations far beyond those on your map; a joyride to discoveries, smiles & fun.

Take the wheel in “while driving,” and see what’s around the next bend.  It’s OK to bring a cell phone; as long as it’s turned off.

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