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“Sugar Grove, USA”

From a small-town Midwest dairy farm, come anecdotes & insights relevant to us all — even “text messaging” techniques, decades before today’s hand-held devices made it part of our lives.  It’s amazing how much from years past resonates now.  And I don’t mean things like ...

... the recent rebirth of “natural” or “organic” foods, or the so-called “family values” about which so many modern apostles pontificate.

Sugar Grove USA is about brothers ’n sisters, mothers ’n fathers, cousins ’n friends … daily work-times ’n playtimes, comedy & drama involving cows with personalities, dogs named Shep and Lad, one-eyed cats, even chickens & honey bees, “fertilizer on a fork,” county fairs, bales of hay, ball games — full of fun, laced with life-lessons.

Sugar Grove USA comes from “the days before expressways or black-and-white TV.…”  It lands in the 21st Century, bringing mini-tales much like many we see now, tidbits of wisdom, “sunshine and smiles,” too.

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