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Suddenly she was gone...

… the woman who had touched my heart like no other.  I was 20-something and I couldn’t
beliPlayboys have hearts, tooeve it, I couldn’t deny it, and I couldn’t avoid thinking about it.

I had to write.  No computer; just a portable electric typewriter and a kitchen table (see photos).  Never before had I felt such intensity … trying to capture every detail, every nuance, every moment we shared.

Five days later, “Playboys have hearts, too” was finished. (Except for “Finis,” written about six weeks afterward.)

Now in its Second Edition, “Playboys” is a novelette that tells a timeless tale — perhaps like a Love that you lived, too.  People tell me it awakens their own special memories, and enriches new relationships.

The original manuscript remained in a file drawer until my first fiancée found it a few years later, and urged me to publish the First Edition of “Playboys ….”

I also wrote a short “sequel” nearly 13 years after the book, inspired by a surprise phone call.  But that’s another story … and even the lovely heroine who broke my heart in “Playboys” has not seen it.


• Now available for a limited time, with a personal autograph by the author.

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Table of Contents, 'Playboys have hearts, too'

  • Great Life
  • Believer
  • Takeoff
  • Melodies
  • A wish upon a star
  • Confirmation
  • Pre-‘Messiah’ afternoon
  • Ten inches make a week
  • Before coaches turn to pumpkins
  • ... I saw a pin once
  • Why?
  • Dreams
  • Contrast
  • Touch-tone
  • Cinderella Hour
  • Season’s change
  • On Sound and Weight
  • Reunion
  • Spring
  • Phone call – Christmas Day
  • Barrier
  • Lad
  • Return to 57-11, # 1
  • ... a day too late
  • Invoice
  • Premature death ... and life
  • Absence
  • Finis
  • Playboys have hearts, too

"Many times I thought I couldn't live with you. And many times I know I can't live without you."