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“someone (not just any …)”

Looking for someone?  Maybe someone who could help “see you through”?  Or some way to help someone else close to you?  Special people and relationships make today’s world more livable, more lovable.  Somehow, with them, contemporary and traditional ideas ...

… attitudes and actions can entwine to form lifelines and create windows, drawing us out of despair, anxieties and grief … alleviating anger and fear … opening our hearts and minds to feelings and dreams lost or never-yet found … regaining (or for the first time, discovering) confidence and self-esteem.

Whether with a close companion or in an intimate relationship, it means loving, caring, being there.  And ‘just anyone’ won’t do.

Through a series of real-life short stories laced with lyrics, perceptive insights and actionable ideas in these pages could help you …

Find that someone you’re looking for.  And the someone you could be.

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one day life is a lyric while driving someone, not just snow never falls on our driveway sugar grove usa

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"Many times I thought I couldn't live with you. And many times I know I can't live without you."