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“snow never falls on our driveway”

... about kids bringing up parents, and parents growing up.  “What if (this or that)?”  “What do you say when …?”  “How do you deal with (who knows)?”  “Where do you ‘draw the line’?” The issues, pressures and stresses of parenting can be equaled only by those of the parented ...

… different as they may be (and often at odds).  The good news is, a little listening and learning can go a long way.  Both ways.  In addition to “education,” sports, music lessons, school clubs, “best friends” & more, every age ’n stage brings its own unique challenges, tragedies and triumphs — and (I hope) lots of laughs along with the angst.

Based on good times we had, issues we dealt with & ways in which we coped, ideas in “snow” may be just what you’re looking for.  Dedicated to my sons, the book’s last page reads, in part:

“I leave you my parental snowbroom, shovel and, I hope, insights
that will help you wisely choose when to use them.”

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