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“You have my everlasting gratitude.”

“You’ve become the great friend I never met.”

(Long-distance: a 324-page book)

“Your prices are very reasonable.”

"You were the driving energy behind my book.”

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“Your editing’s excellent. — You make me look great!”

It’s not just your book, it’s You. We’ll help you look your best with custom-tailored Editing assistance, cost-effectively. We can also co-author or ghostwrite your book (more on this later).

• EDITING ranges from basics (spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.) to sentence rewrites, story content & tracking or more-extensive aid. Publishers/editors call the service we provide “Developmental” level or “Preferred” editing, with consultation as needed.

• FEE: Unlike most services which charge by the word, we evaluate the extent of editing aid needed along with the length of your work – and give you an Estimate for the project. Chances are, you’ll pay less.

Example: We edited a 300-plus page book for which the publisher’s per-word editing would’ve cost the author more than $10,000 (preferred level), nearly $7,700 (developmental level) or $3,376 (basics). For our Developmental-Preferred level editing, the author paid us less than the publisher’s basic per-word editing price. (detailed cost comparison)

• TIMETABLE: Turnaround time may be a few days or weeks, pending a number of factors. We will provide a timetable with your editing project Estimate. (If you have a deadline in mind, just let us know.) Incomplete book manuscript? We can work with you chapter by chapter or with a flexible “edit-as-you-go” retainer fee.

• GETTING STARTED: Send an e-mail via our Contact form and attach 20 pages of your book (manuscript, MSWord format), with the book’s approximate length (total words or pages). We will promptly evaluate the level of editing needed, and prepare an Estimate for your approval.

ASSESSMENT FEE: Rather than mere math (multiply “x” words by “y” cents, each), we evaluate your manuscript sample, factor-in approximate book length and develop your project Estimate. Our fee ($149 – about half of what some publishers charge) will be applied to the total cost of your editing project when you approve the Estimate and we proceed. Questions? Just ask >>

BEYOND EDITING We can Co-Author your book or even write it for you. Here’s how it works:

• CO-AUTHORING: A collaborative effort, we work closely with you step by step as you develop your book, helping to define characters, flesh-out story lines, maintain pacing, convey the desired tone and more.

• GHOSTWRITING: You provide the input, we do the writing. Actually, extensive discussion begins with your story idea and its background. Writing is done in stages, with considerable give-and-take (as well as your sign-off/approval) along the way.

Fees for these services are established on an individual, per-project basis. Likewise, a time frame for completion.

To get started, send your book idea with synopsis and/or story outline, up to 20 pages of manuscript and/or related info via our Contact form.

We will suggest a Project Assessment Fee to cover review of material, plus meetings or telephone interviews to enable a viable cost estimate for the project. (Assessment Fee will be applied toward the total fee when you approve the Estimate and we do the project.)

Questions? Just ask >>

BOOK EDITING - Compare Services and Cost

Relative Editing charges (315-page book – 105,500 words edited by RES)

Leading self-publishing provider: Services and Pricing

RES Editing Services and Pricing

Editorial Assessment (flat fee)
(Deducted if Total Edit = $2,400. or more)

(Author may select from these Core Editorial Services)

$    299.00


$    149.00

•Line Editing (“industry standard”) - spelling, grammar, punctuation … 6-8 weeks - @ 3.2¢/word

$  3,376.00

Line Editing


•Content Editing – (add) consistency, accuracy … 6-8 wks - @ 3.9¢/wd.

$  4,115.00

Content Editing


•Content Editing Plus – (add) sentence structure … 6-8 wks. - @ 4.6¢/wd.

$  4,853.00

Content Editing Plus


Or choose from …
Advanced Editorial Services

•Developmental Editing – IDs “big picture areas” needing work; overall organization, plot, pacing, characterization, dialogue … 6-8 wks. - @ 7.0¢/word

$  7,385.00

Developmental  Level Editing

$ 3,300.00*

• Preferred Editorial Package – Developmental, plus two phone conversations w/consultant (“discuss structural ideas, thoughts, suggestions” 6-8 wks.-9.2¢/wd.

$  9,706.00

plus Preferred Level Consultation (and more)


Cover Copy Polish (fee) – title, subtitle; edit aid re: back cover, author bio, keynote

$     299.00

Title, Subtitle
Back cover, etc

$    149.00

Minimum (Line Edit, Cover)    
Comparable Service (Preferred, Cover)      

$   3,675.00
$ 10,005.00*


$ 3,449.00*

 * Developmental-level Editing is standard with RES, along with ongoing Preferred-level consultation. Also, our charges for initial manuscript Assessment and Cover Copy assistance are substantially lower. Edit turnaround time is much faster, too.

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