Smarter Ways to Connect With Your Market

‘The answer is that the answer changes.’

— songwriter Mason Williams

Businesses constantly adapt to succeed. So do I; in some ways, even more so. Few writers have contributed to success for so many different companies in diverse industries over the years (see below).

It calls for more than getting up-to-speed on product/service specs and competitive market facts. Even more than having a keen feel for buyer impulses and how to trigger them, or understanding the buying process. (Note: “buying,” not “selling.”)

The “constant” in all of this – the fountain from which fresh answers flow – is, in a word: Thinking.

Whether working solo or teamed with other talented people, few (if any) writers delve as deeply or contemplate as thoroughly as I. Which opens doors and reveals new avenues to creating Marketing Communications that meet or exceed your Marcom goals.

It’s a Smart way to find Answers you need.

Check out some of the ways

my ‘RES Gang’ Thinking has worked in the past and how it can work for you now.

Getting what you pay for (aka Results)

ROI can come in many forms: sales leads, brand recognition, dollars, market share gains and other metrics. A few examples in which we played a key role.>>

How we’ve helped – and can help you

From multifaceted, multi-media campaigns to individual, target-specific projects, we strategize, conceptualize and create. • Web site content; videos; print, radio... >>

Who we’ve helped

This is the name-drop section, so don’t be surprised if you recognize a few. >>

Views you can use

Perspectives on ways to make marketing messages more interesting, more impactful, more memorable... more successful. Simple ideas that work. >>

Tap into our Thinking & Writing

Simply tell us the scope of your Marketing Communications (Marcom) project, provide as much background info as you can – and how much you wish to pay. After we laugh hysterically and suggest that you double your budget (just kidding ... maybe), we’ll solidify a project timeline, payment terms – and get on it! >>

The RES Gang

Intrigued by almost anything, we’re inspired by virtually everything ... from fine wine to wearable technology, women’s perfume & accessories, food & beverage packaging or drywall, bulldozers, security systems, clean energy, Superbug control in hospitals – you name it. Each has a story worth telling; we find interesting ways to tell them all.


The RES Gang: The Thought that Counts.