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“one day”

Ever feel as if the days of our lives are “the daze of our lives”?  Me, too.  But it only takes one — maybe 24 hours, or only a fleeting moment — when someone, somewhere, somehow awakens feelings long lost or never before found … to enrich your life in wonderful new ways.

This is that kind of day.  A brief getaway … (“Today it’s omelettes mountainside, and winding ways to climb.  Snowpeaks ’n sunshine beckon us on; cares fall far behind …”) filled with sights & sounds, flavors & aromas … intimate conversation and surprising revelations …  music and laughter and wonder; shared secrets, hopes ’n dreams.  And intensely passionate moments that stay with you for a lifetime.

How does a simple one-day road trip become oh-so much more?  

C’mon along for the ride.  Find that day for you … one which makes every day thereafter richer, brighter … more to look forward to.

And you don’t even realize it’s happening, until it does.

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