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Canterbury LaneOur raison d’ etre at Canterbury Lane is to help you “find what you’re looking for — beginning, perhaps, with yourself.”

Toward that end, in addition to RES books currently featured here, a number of others are either available or in-work.

Each focuses on different aspects of Life, Love and Relating; all are based on events, issues and experiences that may well reflect your own.

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Ever feel as if the days of our lives are “the daze of our lives”?  Me, too.  But it only takes one — maybe 24 hours, or only a fleeting moment — when someone, somewhere, somehow awakens feelings long lost or never before found … to enrich your life in wonderful new ways.

Looking for someone?  Maybe someone who could help “see you through”?  Or some way to help someone else close to you?  Special people and relationships make today’s world more livable, more lovable.  Somehow, with them, contemporary and traditional ideas ...

From a small-town Midwest dairy farm, come anecdotes & insights relevant to us all — even “text messaging” techniques, decades before today’s hand-held devices made it part of our lives.  It’s amazing how much from years past resonates now.  And I don’t mean things like ...

Lose the cell phone; focus on the road ahead and open your mind to new sights & sounds, old memories … perspectives and insights unrealized before.  This eclectic collection of mini-tales, observations & ideas owes its genesis to “the story that begat a book.”  How so? 

... about kids bringing up parents, and parents growing up.  “What if (this or that)?”  “What do you say when …?”  “How do you deal with (who knows)?”  “Where do you ‘draw the line’?” The issues, pressures and stresses of parenting can be equaled only by those of the parented ...

... thoughts on a journey through love and divorce.  Songs often are inspired by real life.  That goes for Life with spouses & other loves, too — both happy times and those less so.  “Lyric” blends thoughts from my Life with those of friends who have also “been there – done that.”

"Many times I thought I couldn't live with you. And many times I know I can't live without you."