Smarter Ways to Connect With Your Market

Getting what you pay for

Even so-called “considered purchases” involve triggering buyer impulses –
a skill that we employ daily, with notable results:


• New-product intro induced 40% of competitive-brand users to buy - and sold 4 months’ production within six weeks

• ROI of 14:1, 20:1 & up for DM packages, with response rates as high as 76%

• Ads drew thousands of inquiries for top-dollar accessories; increased sales 250%

• Competitive campaign toppled barriers to brand decision makers

• One mailing (cost < $10,000) turned a new no-customer company into a $750,000 annual-volume business in six weeks

• Radio spots spearheaded a program that boosted distributor participation 70%-75%, with dramatic sales results

• On-Line CEU course drew hundreds of product specifiers for sales force follow-up

• Small space ad series tripled financial service firm’s business in two months

• From zero to 19% market share (IRI) in 8 weeks for a grocery food product ... new brand vs. long-time category leaders

However you measure returns,
chances are you will realize them when you have us Think & Write for you.

The RES Gang: The Thought that Counts.