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'C': a story for Couples coming and going

There is no shortage of "how to" books about love and relationships. And tomes by umpteen PhDs dispense advice on these subjects.

Now comes "'C': a story for Couples coming and going" - loaded with anecdotes and observations, wisdom and wit, by a writer who has simply lived it... in ways that frequently mirror our own.

With a lively, unique and refreshing blend of narrative, musical lyrics and quotable quotes, ‘C’ takes us on a journey… >>

a 'C' reader said...

"Loved the stories, loved the recipes
(especially Eggs Benedict)-
and really loved the songs and poems."

is like a
New Age Guide."

"'C' is wonderful!
Loved the grocery shopping, sorting laundry...
I could see so many things!"

"What I've thought about, how I've felt -
It's all here.
And now I see things I might do differently..."

You have such depth and insight;
I don't know another male who could compare."

"There are tons of witty, clever lines:
'smoking the Twinkie,'
'the Grapefruit Challenge'..."

"It was inspiring,
- A fun read."

Playboys have hearts, too

Playboys have hearts, tooIt's probably happened to you: Love that appeared from "out of the blue"... lent wings to your life like none before... then vanished to who-knows-where.

If ever you’ve given yourself fully to love, this is your story: the thrills, the fears, the hopes, the hurt — all the things you couldn’t express — but felt, nevertheless. >>

a 'Playboys have hearts, too' reader said...

I remember
a time and a love
like this.”

“My favorite is ‘Lad’ …”
“Called to say
how much
I identified with the story”

“A love story for everyone.”
“You can
really see yourself
— at least I did.”

“Love your writing style …
how you position words on a page
to accentuate the story,
like in ’10 inches make a week.’”

“It feels kind of strange, reading this
and knowing that it’s about you….” *
*  Nearly 13 years after “Playboys” was written,
She read the published book.

Getting your story ‘out there’

Whether the manuscript for your book is already complete or you have an outline with key sections, it won’t finish itself. Our “second pair of eyes” not only can fix typos ’n such; we can help you tell your story the way you want – and have it publication-ready in short order! Haven’t you waited long enough? >>

"Many times I thought I couldn't live with you. And many times I know I can't live without you."