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Welcome to our Humble Hideaway

Nestled in the aftermath of a January blizzard, our Humble Hideaway looks the part, with its doorway framed by fir & crabapple trees & bushes — all clothed in white on this quiet night.
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Hideaway Tour, cont.

Lean back on the sofa and the dining area (the table is off-camera/right) of our L-shaped environs draws you on.  Go ahead — take a look at the three-section bookcase.  But first,
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Office, anyone?

Our route to my in-home office takes us past the A-frame unit just inside the front door.  The Zither (top shelf) came from my Grandparents; the mandolin (2nd shelf, left) was my Dad’s.
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The RES Gang

As is the case in many families, I suspect, I was the one shooting pictures over the years — not the one being shot.  I did, however, manage to find a few recent photos for you to view.
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Outside our door

Our nation’s capitol may boast of cherry blossoms in Spring.  But bushels of crabapple tree-flowers on Canterbury Lane create quite a colorful sight.  And it’s less crowded here.
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Writing "Playboys ..."

Playboys’ in the making: six photos by my apartment-mate when I was writing the book. I nearly “tossed” the pix in a boxful of old files when moving to Canterbury Lane.  But …
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"Many times I thought I couldn't live with you. And many times I know I can't live without you."