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‘Don’t think, write!’

Far too many marketers’ messages reflect that age-old admonition from a Creative Director who sees a copywriter, feet propped on his desk, staring into space.

“What are you doing?" “I’m thinking.” “Don’t think – !”

The result is relatively bland web copy, ads, promo pieces, PR ’n such that read like boring bulletins quickly cranked out, lacking relevant info that will broaden interest, distinguish you from competitors and boost response.

Even worse, their “look at me – what I’ve got” focus fails to address a basic premise:

‘There is no sale until someone is motivated to buy.’

Not so with The RES Gang. We zero-in on buyer wants as well as needs, do more thinking, digging ... to create Marketing Communications material with extra appeal, to better connect.

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Book Readers, Writers & Wannabes

Authors’ Wellspring:

Works by RES, plus help with the book you want to write

Maybe it’s that family history you want to record for posterity. Or a children’s story, lifestyle anecdotes & advice, a “great American novel” or a profession-related treatise that merits more than blog status.

Whatever you have in mind, everyone can use a sharp editor; maybe even a co-author or ghostwriter to help you get the job done – and done well.

You’ve come to the right/write place.

We’ve been there – done that: two books published and a half-dozen more in-work, as well as editing books for others.

Extensive marketing communications experience further aids our ability to tune-in to your story as you want it told.

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fireside at Canterbury Lane


"At Canterbury Lane, the ambiance is conducive to practicing an art often neglected nowadays: thinking."


The RES Gang: The Thought that Counts.